Mindfulness Based Resilience Training with police in Oregon

Mindfulness Based Resilience Training with police in Oregon

This is a video created by Mr. Brant Rogers, RYT, the contract trainer for mindfulness with the Hillsboro Police Department in Oregon. These officers discuss their experience with mindfulness and how it has impacted their life in positive ways.

Cultural change from the bottom-up; inside-out. This training has tremendous capacity for first responders, organizations and communities.

It took seven years, or perhaps even longer, and lots of tenacious forward leadership to create the opportunity to deliver mindfulness training to police in a formal manner such as this. One year later, three training cohorts, nearly 75 police professionals from three different agencies…we’ve built significant momentum with the application of neuroscience in police training.

More posts to follow on mindfulness; its efficacy and potential to help the profession of policing to evolve forward into the 21st Century.




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Thank you for visiting my blog! My goal is to create a place that allows us to learn from each other, support our first responders, and, perhaps, find ways to facilitate human sustainability and cultural evolution in public safety. My expertise is in policing, yet we share similar occupational stressors, experiences, cultural attitudes and behaviors with our friends and colleagues in the fire service, at the dispatch centers, and in the field and emergency departments with our medics, nurses and doctors. Trauma bonds us. It goes without saying that all of this is relevant for our brothers and sisters serving in the military. I've learned most of what I know about stress management from these great warriors. Let us learn from each other. This blog will explore that trauma bond. We'll look at the work of authors, professors, journalists, and other subject matter experts in diverse disciplines in an effort to improve the resilience (wellness, health, attitude, motivation, etc.) of our first responders. Join us here in the dialogue and let's work together to make a difference, one conversation at a time. Peace.

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